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salam, today i spent almost the whole editing wedding pictures as my wife’s laptop have been reformat (again) due to the attack of the evil virus(es) ehe.. demmik to those virus(es) and thanks for making my life miserable! well the editing process are almost done and i cant wait to print these photos… to sewi […]



salam, another my superfriend wedding.. azmil n jihah.. been linked up with this mate since 2007-tday. all i could wish him is.. a very happy future for him and his wife, Jihah. bro.. again congrats from me, another_chapter

alhamdulillah.. another my superfriend been hooked up yesterday (Feb 15th, 2009) finally Mr Shahril a.k.a Cangkoolan married. Congrats for both of you from us at another_chapter! changkul is among my superfriends during U’s life untill now. from the dark ages, pennyless, jobless to the extend to job hunters,housemates,driving mate..just name it man! as a friend, […]