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another wedding


salam, again, congrats to my superfriend, apai n his wife ema on their wedding.  my family and i attended their reception at Kuala Lipis, Pahang last week and finally I made it to apai’s house after a while planning to go there! well apai, all a friend can wish for is that u an emma […]

salam, on March 3rd, the long waited convocation day for us finally turn out to be just fine..without PM list still ok with it alhamdulillah, finally… only few of us manage to get along and took some memorable pictures together.. otehr n the gang..just LOST!!! (where r you guys on that day huh?) another_chapter […]

salam, sometimes, things turn out to be unexpected* yup, they do.. it’s a fact guys! hopefully we learn something from that night, precautions and steps to be taken so that we are not too carried out while doing something. again, i would like to say that i’m sorry to my superfriend, Mr Firdhaus, aka Firbudi […]

salam, Last saturday was our bad hair day at JB. Our Icon, Mr dyne, finally leave us for somewhere near IRAN, leave us full of numb*, blunt*,blurr* and wasted*! I can’t describe more the bluntness* inside of us.. no words can ever describe that. to Mr Dyne, Good Luck and all the best (as a […]