another_weekend : chasing bubbles


salam you guys!

well, here i am, updating my blog @ 1:38 in the morning. luckly im on leave rite now, if not for sure im off to bed right now! or  ill end up down the drain tomorrow ahaha! (- med pinjam ayat ko aa! kalau tak keparit beb!)

last weekend,my family and i manage to travel more than 1000 km on our beloved volvo 244! yup, a 1981 volvo  volvo that still rocks!!! alhamdulillah, the trip went well or at least according to plan should I say.

last saturday, we went to Metropolitan Park, kuala lumpur after last minutes plan with my superfriend mr Shah (Siapa Aku Shah) to shoot family portrait of mine. As for me it is all about nazrin!(again?) he enjoyed chasing bubbles (from the bubble gun that i bought earlier). i never seen nazrin on that mood! enjoying his time  shouting, running and not to mention tangling his feet upside down! the  session was join later by my another superfriend mr busu, but sadly his family cant join us there. poor dhea, hopefully you are getting well by now dear!(nanti leh temankan nazrin n niyaz berlari2 kejar bubbles k)

(will upload soon the pictures of Us there)

p/s: to be continued (KL-Lipis trip: my super-friend wedding!)

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2 Responses to “another_weekend : chasing bubbles”

  1. hehe…syok tengok supernazrin playing happily. ko cuti ke…hampeh nyaris menyeret aku ke parit. aku kene keje hari ni sbb semalamnya (isnin) aku dah ke parit dulu…cuti! haha

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