back to editing screen!



today i spent almost the whole editing wedding pictures as my wife’s laptop have been reformat (again) due to the attack of the evil virus(es) ehe.. demmik to those virus(es) and thanks for making my life miserable!

well the editing process are almost done and i cant wait to print these photos… to sewi and ungku.. it wont be long.. and thanks for understanding me… and my problems + some of my work under and rupajiwa (thanks fly and haris airul for the golden opportunity) πŸ™‚

to you guys, do leave me comment(s) and ideas to improve myself in the future! thanks!

azamustafa ][ another_chapter

below are my current works as a backup for (mr fly and radin)

special thanks: (my fly)


6 Responses to “back to editing screen!”

  1. DX dah superb dah ni…tapi kalau FX super duper…hehehehe

  2. peh….pehh

  3. 5 sewwi

    i think it’s about time for u to upgrade to Macbook laa bro…ehe..

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