the spoon full SiR


salam guys!

well as promised, this time I’ll post the full coverage of this Spoon EG6 92′ so sorry for the long delay guys.. i was busy working up with the computer that running with viruses.. which end up with formatting it and etc. a promise is a promise right? do enjoy this posts and of course do leave your comment(s).

appreciate it! thanks in advance!

azamustafa ][ another_chapter

p/s: Credit to Mr Shah ( EG hardcore)

Car Spec:

– EG6 (SiR) original 92


  • B18c5 with ported & polished head (better air flow n compression)
  • Toda 2 liter stroker kit with 85mm mahlee hi-com pistons
  • Skunk2 intake manifold(ported n polished)
  • super90 70mm throttle body
  • Supertech dual valve springs
  • Supertech titanium retainers
  • Supertech flathead hi-compression valves
  • Toda C cams
  • Spoon Cams Gears
  • Spoon Exhaust system with 304 Border Muffler
  • Walbro 255phl fuel pump
  • JDM B18c5 transmission
  • OS Giken Supersingle Clutch kit
  • OBD 1 w/Crome program
  • spoon Radiator and oil cap
  • spoon cable plug


  • spoon Hi-Low Soft-Hard adjustable abs
  • OEM JDM anti-rolls bar


  • all OEM SiR

Rims & Rubbers:

  • Spoon Sw388
  • Toyo proxes


  • Spoon Lips
  • Spoon Side mirror
  • Spoon Duck Bail
  • Spoon Wipers


  • Recaro Dc2R Black with Red Stiches
  • Spoon Gauge Cluster
  • Spoon Titanium Gear Knob
  • Mugen RCII Steering Wheel
  • Mugen Sport Pedal Kit


4 Responses to “the spoon full SiR”

  1. 1 Shah

    these are some brilliant pictures. i’m not an avid photography fan, but they all look fabulous to me. thanks for doing some justice to my car, huhu. these requires multiple photo-sessions!,;)

  2. thanks shah the owner.. your car spec are too awesome!

  3. nak aku komen ape ni?


    weh adalah menjadi satu kesalahan driving tak bukak lampu kalau gelap…. dan ditambah pula ngan lampu di dalam… meuakakakakakakakak

    kipidapppp my frenn

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