from US n JAPAN with lav!



“a great weekend indeed !!!’  despite half of my weekdays struggling up my ass and head preparing for examinations, the greener part of the week finally arrive!

it started when a hardcore Honda fanat(fanatic) fan friend of mine  text me this:  ” Gambar 2nd Gen ko featured in HT (HONDATUNING) f**king brilliant ! congrats!!!!” at that moment i took it as a joke, after all who am i to be featured a post in that magzine?

as far as i remember, the civic 83 shoot out took place around November 2009.  with the help of my brother, + basic gear, we start the photoshoot around 7pm at a basement parking. then the picture frozen in the hard disk for almost 2 weeks before i had time to play with it.

i only submitted the photo to HT after i came across the competition of a photographer talent n guess my luck is there! im in ! the civic 83 also in! thanks guys from HT, feel honored n speechless right now!

the great weekend not ended there yet! i got a surprise gift from my wife, a thought  and love from Japan! what?? ? of course not, no TODA stroker kits or EG6 ultra rare shit, this is the perfect gift for my toys. a long waited backpack for my system at last 😀 thanks dear!

good things do come in bundle ey? (alhamdulillah) – at least for me 😀

another-chapter || azamustafa


7 Responses to “from US n JAPAN with lav!”

  1. 1 fly_

    arr gamba tu rocks! sbb ade editorial mood! well balanced and good composure

    well done and congrato!

  2. 3 meor

    congrats boboy…now waiting for you guys to shoot my mamba. ihiks..

  3. beg dah tahap profesional….gmbar dia amik dah tahap keluar magazine….tuan punya diri pon dah penah kuar magazine ala² hero pujaan ramai. saya tatau nak komen apa lagi tahap kecemerlangan saudara azam ni…hehe.

    • hahaa.
      thanks avam ismed!
      beg tu sungguh best…terharu tgk wife bawak balik bonchrot tersebut dari tanah jepang!
      so the beg will stay with me as long as i can use it!

      erp? gambar ala2 hero pojaan? wakakaka. no comment!

  4. Congrat my dear fren…selangkah lagi kearah pro.Ini bermakna DX bukan penghalang…

  5. thanks bro nazri!
    demam dah terubat leas first step tu dah dibuat! ehe

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