bersama lensahijau*


sometimes, things turn out to be unexpected* yup, they do.. it’s a fact guys! hopefully we learn something from that night, precautions and steps to be taken so that we are not too carried out while doing something.

again, i would like to say that i’m sorry to my superfriend, Mr Firdhaus, aka Firbudi aka Lensahijau. it’s not out day bro! lost and found is all about life isn’t it?

but we did tried our luck, go back where we had started,it’s not the way we planned it would be.not a good way to end a very RAWK day!
yup, we did found something that’s called FRIENDSHIP.

another_chapter || azamustafa

“selamba jek..hidup mau terus…”

“menarik jugak tempat ni eh..”

“mencuba nasib..tripod takdak lagi weh!”

“handheld tripod..not bad huh?”


2 Responses to “bersama lensahijau*”

  1. yo bro… sudah ada blog sindri… cayak2… maju kedepan another chapter..

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