nazrin_8* months



I hardly noticed when does time passes us by. Seems like only yesterday that my son; Nazrin was born. Witnesing, each and every magical moment of his presence and then yesterday Nazrin turned 8 months…lucky #8.

Looking at him, I realized that time does fly. Nazrin now slowly developed his skills and gained his confidence. With his 2 lower teeth, stronger legs and arms…now Nazrin is just waiting the perfect time to start crawling, before his first step. Hopefully I don’t miss those memento moments.


Some pictures of Nazrin on his lucky #8..


2 Responses to “nazrin_8* months”

  1. fuiyoooooooooooo…good job daddy….comei sunggoh!
    sorry mummy takde time tu (”/)

  2. 2 Alina Azmi

    Hello Mummy SUmy and Daddy! Good job done together..Look at her eyes so Hugeeeee ,,,cutesie! Hope u guys will train her well , as well as El! Let me take her to her first concert nanti hehe

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