latih tubi


salam semua,
lama tak lama gak la aku tak menghapdate blog pun ingat2 lupa..
byk jugak benda aku pelajari 5 bulan lepas, kenal org, kenal camera n kenali gambar.. alhamdulillah ill keep on photograph-yin(betul ke ejaan tu?) ahaha..

ok nak letak gambar pun dah tak berapa ingat..belasah jek dulu..ehe test dulu tgk betul tak size dia..ehe chow!



i had a fun time with my family even tough i hardly can feel m legs.

today nazrin n niyaz playn enjoying their time together…once in while that maiya n i could recall..

nazrin n niyaz..we lav u!

another wedding



again, congrats to my superfriend, apai n his wife ema on their wedding.  my family and i attended their reception at Kuala Lipis, Pahang last week and finally I made it to apai’s house after a while planning to go there!

well apai, all a friend can wish for is that u an emma “berbahagia ke akhir ayat” + congrats cause 9 months is not that long k. take good care of her and i bet both of u gonna b a superb parent! again and hope it’s not too late yet..“selamat pengantin baru” form us!

azam mustafa || another chapter

salam you guys!

well, here i am, updating my blog @ 1:38 in the morning. luckly im on leave rite now, if not for sure im off to bed right now! or  ill end up down the drain tomorrow ahaha! (- med pinjam ayat ko aa! kalau tak keparit beb!)

last weekend,my family and i manage to travel more than 1000 km on our beloved volvo 244! yup, a 1981 volvo  volvo that still rocks!!! alhamdulillah, the trip went well or at least according to plan should I say.

last saturday, we went to Metropolitan Park, kuala lumpur after last minutes plan with my superfriend mr Shah (Siapa Aku Shah) to shoot family portrait of mine. As for me it is all about nazrin!(again?) he enjoyed chasing bubbles (from the bubble gun that i bought earlier). i never seen nazrin on that mood! enjoying his time  shouting, running and not to mention tangling his feet upside down! the  session was join later by my another superfriend mr busu, but sadly his family cant join us there. poor dhea, hopefully you are getting well by now dear!(nanti leh temankan nazrin n niyaz berlari2 kejar bubbles k)

(will upload soon the pictures of Us there)

p/s: to be continued (KL-Lipis trip: my super-friend wedding!)

azamustafa ][ another_chapter


today i spent almost the whole editing wedding pictures as my wife’s laptop have been reformat (again) due to the attack of the evil virus(es) ehe.. demmik to those virus(es) and thanks for making my life miserable!

well the editing process are almost done and i cant wait to print these photos… to sewi and ungku.. it wont be long.. and thanks for understanding me… and my problems + some of my work under and rupajiwa (thanks fly and haris airul for the golden opportunity) 🙂

to you guys, do leave me comment(s) and ideas to improve myself in the future! thanks!

azamustafa ][ another_chapter

below are my current works as a backup for (mr fly and radin)

special thanks: (my fly)

salam guys!

well as promised, this time I’ll post the full coverage of this Spoon EG6 92′ so sorry for the long delay guys.. i was busy working up with the computer that running with viruses.. which end up with formatting it and etc. a promise is a promise right? do enjoy this posts and of course do leave your comment(s).

appreciate it! thanks in advance!

azamustafa ][ another_chapter

p/s: Credit to Mr Shah ( EG hardcore)

Car Spec:

– EG6 (SiR) original 92


  • B18c5 with ported & polished head (better air flow n compression)
  • Toda 2 liter stroker kit with 85mm mahlee hi-com pistons
  • Skunk2 intake manifold(ported n polished)
  • super90 70mm throttle body
  • Supertech dual valve springs
  • Supertech titanium retainers
  • Supertech flathead hi-compression valves
  • Toda C cams
  • Spoon Cams Gears
  • Spoon Exhaust system with 304 Border Muffler
  • Walbro 255phl fuel pump
  • JDM B18c5 transmission
  • OS Giken Supersingle Clutch kit
  • OBD 1 w/Crome program
  • spoon Radiator and oil cap
  • spoon cable plug


  • spoon Hi-Low Soft-Hard adjustable abs
  • OEM JDM anti-rolls bar


  • all OEM SiR

Rims & Rubbers:

  • Spoon Sw388
  • Toyo proxes


  • Spoon Lips
  • Spoon Side mirror
  • Spoon Duck Bail
  • Spoon Wipers


  • Recaro Dc2R Black with Red Stiches
  • Spoon Gauge Cluster
  • Spoon Titanium Gear Knob
  • Mugen RCII Steering Wheel
  • Mugen Sport Pedal Kit

salam and good day!

just a teaser n sneak preview for this week :

the spoonful of mouth watering original Shah’s EGsick!(it’s a syndrome)

(hope you love it boss!)